Luke Ertman
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I have produced a wide variety of music from rock bands, to singer songwriters, 7 piece world groups, choirs, sound tracks etc. I can take your project from the concept stage all the way to a mastered radio ready sound. I have been doing this for over 10 years now and have the experience needed to understand what needs to be done in pre-production, recording/tracking, mixing and mastering. There are very few people out there who specialize and understand all of these stages. A lot of studios out there will record and mix what you bring in. But, more often than not we have to work through the material before it's recorded to make sure that the arrangements, melodies, tracking methods etc. all come together in a concise way to deliver a great song.

I can provide:

-Pre-production: Working through the songs before they are recorded to make sure everything comes together in the studio properly. I have access to drummers, guitar players, keyboardists, back up vocalists etc. So weather you are a full band or singer songwriter we can make sure that the final tracks sound full.

-Tracking: I have all the equipment needed for most tracking needs weather they be guitars, woodwinds, string instruments, vocals, bass or drums. If larger sessions are needed I have access to several great studios in Edmonton that I can book. I've tracked a lot of material and have an ear for making sure that things come together in a organic way.

-Mixing: Weather it's 5 tracks or 150 tracks I can put it together and make it sound great.

-Orchestrating: On almost all of the projects that I have done I've ended up adding orchestration. Whether it's orchestral strings, ethnic winds or drums and percussion. I've got a huge array of sounds to draw from and a lot of experience putting sounds together.

-Mastering: I've mastered material for radio, television and film. Often times I will send projects that I work on to someone else to master as it helps to have an "outside ear". But, I master other peoples work and my own when necessary.

What does it cost?

All projects are different. Sometimes it's as easy as putting a mic in front of someone and hitting record. Other times you need to work through vocal and instrumental parts for a whole band. Get them all in for tracking at different times, orchestrate, overdub, mix and master. So it's unfair for me to say that a project costs "X" amount. Please contact me to discuss what your project needs and we can come to an agreement on what that should cost. Recording is expensive and I understand that. I will do my best to find a price point and production point that we can agree on!