Luke Ertman
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Selected Quotes

“Sound designer Luke Ertman does an excellent job of supporting the play’s moods with music that’s sometimes mournfully traditional and sometimes seductively sensual.” Colin Thomas January 31 2011 The Geroga Straight

“Luke Ertman ... provides the original meditative Klezmer-styled score that is evocative of the rich Jewish culture that is at the story’s core. The music fits so well into the production as a whole that it hardly gets noticed.” John Jane Review Vancouver 2011

“She Has a Name's virtues far outweigh any of its minor flaws especially given the solid direction and effective designs of Stephen Waldschmidt and the haunting sound design by Luke Ertman.” By Louis B. Hobson, Calgary Sun

“A Haunting Soundscape by Luke Ertman.” CBC’s Sharon Pollock

“Sound and lighting design also provide effective emphasis with just the right touches at the right times.” Review Vancouver’s Susan Peake

“The frequent transitions between Philadelphia and Africa are seamless, thanks in part to Luke Ertman’s sound design, which fuses classical violin (elder daughter Laura is practicing for a recital) and African drumbeats.” The Georgia Straight’s Kathleen Oliver

“ Luke Ertman, has written a haunting sound and music score.” The Calgary Sun’s Louis B Hobson

“Like an ethereal chamber orchestra guide by an alt-rock sensibility. A new world indeed.”- Rokline Magazine

“The sound is unlike anything I’ve heard.” Jenna Melanson, Canadian Beats

“This band from Alberta obviously likes their 80s-era Peter Gabriel and Roxy Music. Probably Sting too.” Alan Cross